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The Rise of Podcasting in Influencer Marketing

Influencers have long focused on various social media platforms to deliver the best visual content to promote their products to generate sales. But a new trend is quickly emerging as another tool for entrepreneurs — podcasting. Influencers and companies are starting podcasts to get their message out and promote their products.

Unlike video work, which takes time to edit and piece together for visual appeal, podcasts are a free sound file that you can stream or download. Podcasts are also used to communicate a message or opinion to an audience. The latter is one of the major reasons that influencers are starting to use podcasts as a medium. Over time, they’ve gained in popularity.

According to an article by, 51 per cent of Americans reported listening to a podcast in 2019. Also, according to, 55 per cent (155 million) of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast – up from 51 per cent in 2019 and 50 per cent of all U.S. homes are podcast fans. Similar numbers can surely be claimed elsewhere in the world where internet access is present.

So, how did this become a thing? Advertisers began looking for new ways to get their message across to consumers. Sure, Instagram gave you stories and video but you were only had one minute to get your point across. Prior to that, YouTube was an option for companies who either short produced ad video content for target audiences or long-form content that explained a company’s mission or goals.

Podcasting has emerged as a valuable tool for advertisers, brands, and influencers because reaching audiences in their homes, on their phones, in their cars, and during their commutes. Most of these spaces were previously unreachable by small advertisers, brand marketers or startups looking to grow. Many podcast listeners fall in the middle class, have jobs, money to burn, and even more time to kill while they’re handling the day’s daily tasks. It’s easy for consumers to multi-task whereas video platforms require your direct focus and attention.

Many popular podcasts, including the Joe Budden Podcast or The Gary Vaynerchuk Audio Experience have massive but loyal audiences that have invested in their brand; podcasts facilitated a medium for additional growth across multiple platforms. Podcasters focus on a niche subject or a topic that can turn their influence into speaking engagements and brand deals.

Podcasts are also another way to provide some authenticity to your audience. Your curated content marketing strategy is a good tool to have but it’s something that people can see. What they don’t see all of the time is the real you. Podcasting allows your audience to hear more about your views, understand how your mind works, and learn about your personal life.

Creating a multi-channel influence, networking with other influencers, and low startup costs are a great reason to start a podcast to promote your brand. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast to reach a whole new audience of customers, we’ll get you some tips to help you get started. All you need is a good concept, a mic(s), and a comfortable, quiet place to record.

Find Your Format and Make a Logo

You can start working on a short list of topics that you want to discuss each episode. Once you figure out how long you want your podcast to be and what sound effects/intro you want to go with, you can start focusing on the branding aspect. Make a logo, social media accounts, and make a unique content strategy for the podcast. You’ll be able to spread the content across all of your platforms.

Get the Right Audio Equipment

Podcasts are all about sound. Much like buying a Bluetooth speaker, you want to be able to hear crystal-clear sound at all times. It’s important to invest in a microphone the same way. There are a number of free audio services you can use to record your podcasts. Hell, you can even use your phone. However, you’ll be likely to pick up unnecessary background noise. Invest in a pair of good mics.

Get Advertising Placements That Align with Your Brand

Once you build a significant audience on your podcast platform, you can start appealing to medium to major companies for advertising placements. You need to be careful with the ads you put on your show because it could turn off potential consumers. Instead, try to look for funny or quirky spots to keep customers streaming episode after episode. Or, you can take the organic root and be authentic enough of a personality to be the ad yourself. See Joe Rogan or Gary Vaynerchuk for details.

Choose the Right Schedule

Depending on the length of your podcast, podcasting once or twice a week can be demanding. Not only do you have to record it, but you also have to edit it as well. Make sure you’re giving yourself enough time between episodes to do both. Consistency is important and you don’t want to limit your productivity in other areas of the brand. Hire help where necessary and plan strategically.

Launch a New Podcast Today

Build a multi-channel influence on all platforms now includes podcasting. Not only will it take your ad revenue to the next level but it will also extend your audience and reach. Whether you do an audio or video podcast (or both, do both!), they are a great marketing tool, and an effective branding vehicle.

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